Richard at work

Richard has been interested in traditional forms of art all his life, long before broadband, Photoshop, Illustrator & web illustration became well-known.  After studying art throughout school & college he went to study illustration & animation at degree level where he embraced less traditional forms of art & learned to expand his methods & styles. Once he graduated in 2003 Richard worked to fund a lifelong ambition to travel & since his return has focused on setting himself up as a freelance artist & illustrator.

Richard is passionate about his work & loves all the aspects involved in creating a quality piece of art work or illustration.  He is committed to producing work to the very best of his abilities & works closely with the client to ensure their satisfaction every step of the way.  He has completed a number of commissions for private clients & local businesses ranging from large graffiti style canvases to traditional photorealistic pencil drawn portraits, large wall murals to tattoo designs.  His professional illustration work has ranged from a U.S music magazine to a U.K based extreme sports clothing brand & most recently book illustrations & cover art work, examples of which can all be found on the gallery page.

If you think that Richards work may be what you’re looking for to nudge the readers imagination in the right direction in your book or magazine article, or if you simply want some original art work decorating your walls please don’t hesitate to go to the contact page & get in touch.